Don't just take it from us! Hear from some of our previous winners about the benefits of winning an Printweek Award below

By taking part we are also delighted to support Printweek who tirelessly report, reflect, encourage and support the many facets of our innovative, exciting but, at times, frustrating industry! The PrintWeek Awards celebrate the power, diversity and creativity of our industry and offer a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes and from all sectors of print to be nationally recognised by their peers for their significant achievements and industrial endeavours.

Kirk Galloway, managing director, Buxton Press

The awards are a great way of publicising and providing independent endorsement of the exceptional standards our team have achieved in service, quality and environmental management. A nomination or win gives recognition and a thank you to our team for the skill, hard work and commitment which has been fundamental in enabling us to reaching these standards.

Alison Branch, managing director, Park Communications

We enter the Printweek Awards to challenge ourselves, and let our clients know what we can do. Augustus Martin has size, great logistics, great equipment and systems that allow our customers to react quickly when required; but we see these awards as an opportunity for our staff to show their passion and expertise. It’s great to see them recognised for their dedication and ability by experts in our industry.

Lascelle Barrow, joint managing director, Augustus Martin

Winning a Printweek award has propelled our profile throughout the industry. With the technology being groundbreaking and new we could not have had a better launchpad for getting it out there than this award. It has certainly changed a number of our clients minds on what is now possible to achieve in print from the data they hold. We have found that winning a Printweek award has been a door opener and an achievement we can be proud of.

Ian Lamb, sales director, Gask & Hawley

If you want to win an award then it is a Printweek award that you want to win because so many businesses enter them. Being able to show perspective new clients that you have won awards gives another reason for that business to start to trust you and give you that first chance. And it is just a great evening as well!

Sam Neal, managing director, Geoff Neal